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And Equip Management Solutions is very different to most umbrella companies.

Equip Management Solutions is an alternative umbrella company. Rather than providing a traditional umbrella or managed service, we are able to offer an exceptional tax efficient solution by overcoming the limitations of either PAYE or the costs of running your own limited company.

Retain up to more of your gross earnings!

As a professional contractor, freelancer or business consultant what you want is the highest return possible for all your hard work. You want rewards that are balanced against risk. At Equip we are able to provide a secure, tailor-made solution that is not only financially rewarding for you, but a solution that is compliant with IR35 and other UK legislation. Plus we’ll provide Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability and Public Liability insurances for your peace of mind. We’ll even complete your Annual Tax Return. What’s more, we’ll take away the hassle of running a business by reducing your admin. And to top it all, there is absolutely no joining, set-up or leaving fee.

So what better way of having more money in your pocket and extra time to enjoy life? By joining Equip Management Solutions you certainly will.

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Tax efficient solutions for contractors

"I have to say - you guys are delivering a first class service in terms of your responsiveness and clarity of information - going to have to coax some of my collegues & friends onto your solution.” Andre Marcos; Product Manager

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